It's all about ME!

For Mother's Day, I'm getting the thing I crave most these days: time away from my family. Love ya, but I gosta go!

Don't get me wrong, I want to spend much of the day giving and getting hugs and kisses from my kids and husband. I've waited more than 30 years to be a mom and wife, so I don't take that lightly. But this year, I don't need any store-bought gifts.

Here's the deal: After a card and said hugs and kisses from family, I want to go back to sleep. Then I want to read the Sunday Boston Globe in bed undisturbed, with a hot cup of tea brought to me shortly thereafter. After some family fun, and calls to parents, in-laws, and grandparents, I may work out (ha!).

But the best part will be when my son goes down for his three-hour nap. I'll leave husband and wide-awake baby girl for three hours of me time. So, I'll head to my local Starbucks, which has been my oasis the last few months, to write a new poem or two, and plan a strategy for revision and mailing poetry submissions. When I return, we'll have steaks on the grill and probably some champagne (it's not just for weddings and New Year's). We'll put the kids to bed and ...well ... you fill in the blanks.

(For those not in New England, it has been raining horses and cows for the past week with no end in sight. Any respite from the weather is a welcomed relief.)

So, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, daughters, sisters, aunts, and poets in the blogsphere and beyond. Heck, it's one day out of the year--spend it exactly the way you want to spend it.

Feel like sharing? How are you spending the day?


Jennifer said…
sounds like a perfect day. Looking forward to your new poems.
J Malcolm said…
I'm working at the library all day :P. But I hope to give my mom a call sometime today.
bb said…
Well it was Mother's Day here in the UK in March, but I've been having fun reading about you US moms today. I like to spend my Mother's Days with me time, too. Funny how we need to celebrate at least some of the day with time spent as 'not moms'!
Key Dear said…
You share so deeply, thank you. I did feel and do much the same. Homemade cards, hugs and left to my own to dream a day away. I prayed for rain here on the island and received it monday after a 6 month dry spell. It was glorious and I stood for a long while in it. I know the palms and plants have dug roots deeply during this dry time and maybe for best. They survived a hard storm season last year and are now prepared to stand strong against wind and surge. Our few plant survivors of Wilma and her 6+ surge and wind look refreshed for another hurricane season.
Best of luck in your rains.

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