This weekend, the family and I will be heading down to my hometown of Norfolk, VA. And while I'm excited about going home, I'm nervous about traveling with two small children. (If anyone has tips for traveling with small kids, please post!)

I don't want to be the woman on the plane that everyone stares at when the kids have a meltdown. Alex has flown before and been fine, but it's Ella's first time. I'm sure they'll be okay, but I've been seated on airplanes in front of parents with kids gone wild. So not cool.

Anyway, I feel like I need a change. After the flooding and dismal May, I need the warm sea air to revive my spirit. Hope to post while I'm away, but my parents' PC has been acting up lately.

I lived in Norfolk for 20+ years and grew to hate it. Nothing ever seemed to change, and I'd run into the same tired people over and over again. But now that I've been away from some time, going back is like visiting a new town. There's been an influx of businesses, restaurants, and arts and leisure events to the area, making the city more cosmopolitan than it's ever been.

They say that the best poems about place are written when you have distance. So I hope to come back with more than a suntan!



Jennifer said…
Hope you have a wonderful trip, can't wait to see what you come home with.
Anonymous said…
Did your house get flooded badly? :(

Hope you have a great trip. I just went home to Long Island, about which I have similar feelings to yours about your home town, and experienced it as a nice, happy place now that I've been away for 10 years.

January said…
Not that much water in Beverly. Peabody got the brunt of it.

I'm looking forward to exploring the tidewater area for new places to eat :)

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