Family Affair

Sometimes you have to let go of the oars and just drift. That’s what I did when my family and I vacationed with my husband’s very large, very fun family last week.

It felt weird not blogging. I mean, I had conversations with adults other than my husband, which is something of a lost art when I get into a writer’s groove. I carried my laptop with me yet I resisted the urge to post on other blogs. The biggest thing I did not do, you ask? I didn’t write a poem for Poetry Thursday, which is the first time I think I haven’t posted anything since I became a regular participant.

Instead, my family and I went on day trips to beaches and lakes; watched a lot of Red Sox baseball; ate lots of extravagant, home-cooked meals; and topped off the evenings with ice cream from the corner store. It was fabulous!

My favorite part, however, was sitting back and watching the kids play with their cousins. It was fun to see them comfortable enough with themselves to play with other family members, or just play by themselves. I enjoyed watching them have the space to just be. My son and daughter really enjoyed their unstructured days. I wish I could give them more free time, but our days have a certain hum to them. Without a routine, nothing gets done and no one is happy. So this week away was precious respite for all of us.

So now my nose is back to the grindstone (what an odd expression!). As for the writing, it will come and I will let it. And the poems—they will come, too. I plan to wring every poem I can out of summer’s sweet, sweet air.


Hi Mom,

I apologize for the spamlike comment, but I’m soliciting submissions for the Ringing of the Bards poetry blog carnival, August 11th.
If you are interested, you can find more details at my blog.

All poems are welcome, but I'm highlighting religious and spiritual poetry this month.

Whether you submit or not, please come by and visit the carnival!
Jenn from MA said…
Aaaah, glad to head you had a great time. Missed you while you were gone, but alas, I will see you tomorrow! Welcome home.
sounds like we are in very similar places at the moment, writing wise ~ sounds like a great holiday you had too :)
Bug said…
Sounds wonderful!
January said…
Claire, sounds like we're in the exact same place! I'm just waiting for the words and the mood to strike.
January said…
Jenn, you're awesome! Hope you had a nice vacation, too.
January said…
Tiel Aisha Ansari, I will definitely post about it closer to August 11. Thanks for the link.

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