Poem for Poetry Thursday

Woo hoo! It's Poetry Thursday again.

This week is the first time since the end of NaPoWriMo that I feel my creativity coming back. Being so drained was something I never anticipated. In any case, I have a few poems in the queue so I am a happy camper right about now.

Needless to say, this one is new. Still need work but good enough to post.

Cross Your Fingers

This is enough for now, his hand in mine,
his middle finger crossing the index—

a giggle at the body’s minor contortion
and the chance to learn something new.

He doesn’t understand how often
we lay our hopes on this X,

curling a wish inside our hands.
It’s more than a barefoot afternoon,

or the wildflowers bordering our fence
with all of their cautious pinks and yellows.

Oh, how pretty, he says
I hear how brilliant, how beautiful

crossing his fingers in affirmation,
in faith, because sometimes

he does what he doesn’t understand.
He needs all the luck he can get.


crossing fingers is a reflex action sometimes. We don't undersand the whys/hows of it but we do cross our fingers!

I loved the positive affirmation of it!
Sorceress said…
My babies always cross their fingers...it's so adorable. Lovely poem:)
Marie said…
"curling a wish inside our hands" I love the sound of this dancing in my head...reminds me of making a wish with dandelions. Your poetry always allows me to see the world in a fresh, new way. thank you for being such a great observer...
...deb said…
I like the melancholy hope in this. It captures some of what (I suppose) it must be like to be a mom, allowing discovery, holding back the future a wee bit. Knowing. Not knowing.
jim said…
"he does what he doesn't understand"

That's the line that crosses back on itself (from the fifth line in the poem)--and that's the very middle of that X we all live, isn't it? Tres smart, Jan.

P.S. Happy Birthday to your man!
January said…
Jim, that line was a happy accident. Thanks for the feedback!
January said…
Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Deb, there is a little melancholy and hope in the poem. Ah, motherhood.

Marie, there are so many superstitions I thought about like dandelions wishes, the rabbit's foot, stepping on cracks, etc. Looking forward to stopping by your blog!
Tammy said…
I love how you wrapped a poem around a simple act. "curling a wish inside our hands" was a great line.
Clare said…
I love this. And the beginning of it is took me right in: "This is enough for now, his hand in mine, his middle finger crossing the index -". And "curling a wish inside our hands" is great too. The feeling in this poem is really tender -- sweet and vulnerable, too.
Catherine said…
This is a lovely reminder of what it is like to look at the world through the eyes of a child(my "baby" turned 20 last week!)
LJCohen said…

I just loved this poem. It really evoked my relationship with my own children. Beautiful.

tumblewords said…
Curling a wish...a beautiful phrase. Great poem!

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