Happy Birthday, SB!

39 Reasons Why I Love Tim O'Neil
  1. These kids!
  2. Because you were born on July 4, you grew up thinking that the fireworks were for you year after year
  3. Because you think about solutions rather than problems
  4. Because you have more patience that anyone I know
  5. Because of your good morning kisses. Your goodnight kisses. And all the kisses in between
  6. Because you make up songs for just about every mundane thing, like making coffee
  7. Because you rub your feet together when you're trying to fall asleep
  8. Because you're brave enough to own your own successful business
  9. Because you like family picnics in the park
  10. Because you like to camp outside with Alex (better you than me--nature and I don't get along so well)
  11. Because you taught Ella how to say Daisuke (pronounced Dice-K), which has now become her nickname around the house
  12. Because you bring me hot tea with lemon at night before we call it a night
  13. Because you consistently go to the gym. You look as handsome as when we first met.
  14. Because I know that one day very soon you'll take me dancing (Hint! Hint!)
  15. Because you really liked my fried chicken last night
  16. Because you read to the kids almost every night, even when you don't want to
  17. Because you spend an incredible amount of time with the kids
  18. Because when the going gets tough, you stick around to see what happens next
  19. Because you love the Red Sox as much as I do
  20. Because you're good at so many different things, and you're not afraid to try anything
  21. Because you understand how important it to live debt free
  22. Because you're close to your mother, brothers and sisters
  23. Because you're close to my parents
  24. Because you know that taking personal time a way of maintaining our relationship
  25. Because you like to kayak
  26. Because you rub my back when I need it, and even when I don't
  27. Because you don't mind that I blog in bed
  28. Because you are the love of my life
  29. Because you enjoy learning
  30. Because you believe in saving the environment
  31. Because you support my dreams of becoming a writer
  32. Because you still read the daily newspaper from cover to cover
  33. Because you keep a picture of your father on your nightstand
  34. Because you laugh at your lame jokes (sorry, they'e so LAME!)
  35. Because you still really like being married
  36. Because we're best friends
  37. Because you still make my toes curl
  38. Because you're a great father
  39. Because we're partners

I love you , SB!


bostonerin said…

How wonderful! You are so appreciative. He's lucky to have you around, Ms. Poetmom.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, Tim! (And Calvin Coolidge!)
Awww, what an adorable picture!

Happy birthday, Tim!

(and we have a birthday in our house today too :))
GreenishLady said…
He sounds like such a great man! Happy birthday to Tim!
chiefbiscuit said…
What a beautiful list! I am so happy you have both got each other.
deirdre said…
I'm tellin' ya', you've got a good one there. Happy Birthday to Tim.
what a great tribute to your husband and children! happy birthday to mr poet mom!
Bug said…
So cute! And our hubbies have got to meet. They can compare silly songs. :) Remind me to sing you the one about chloe (our dog) being an astronaut... Happy birthday Mr. Poetmom!
kristib said…
Jana, this made me cry. I love your hubby, too!! :) Happy Birthday, Tim!
odessa said…
oh, this is so beautiful! *sigh*

just reading your previous entries and came across this one. so happy you guys found each other.

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