Sunday Scribblings: Slippery

From Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary:

Pronunciation: 'sli-p(&-)rE
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): slip·per·i·er; -est

Etymology: alteration of Middle English slipper
1 a : causing or tending to cause something to slide or fall b : tending to slip from the grasp
2 a : not firmly fixed : UNSTABLE b : not precise or fixed in meaning : AMBIGUOUS, ELUSIVE

3 : not to be trusted : TRICKY - slip·per·i·ness noun

This prompt is a bit of a stretch, but the first thing to come to mind was soap operas and all of those slippery, unstable, elusive, dubious characters on daytime TV.

Now, I’m a big fan of soap operas, specifically As the World Turns on CBS. In fact, I download podcasts so I can catch up on them on my long commutes to and from work. (And I just found out that you can watch episodes online, which I will be doing after I post this entry.)What amazes me most about soaps is that they are built around slippery, seedy characters.

Currently, Dusty slept with Emily’s sister Alison, but won’t tell her because he doesn’t want to sabotage their relationship. And Meg married Craig, even though she loves Paul, so that she can get even for the pain and suffering Craig has inflicted on her family. Paul, by the way, slid off a cliff to his supposed soap opera death (read: Paul’s working on Broadway—he’ll be back.) Faith, a pre-teen, has an eating disorder. Emily was a hooker but a short stint. Carly just came back after being on the lamb, but she’s been cleared of all charges. Can you imagine having to keep all of those lies straight in real life?

I know these slippery plot lines generate conflict, and by definition soap opera characters have broken moral compasses, but I’m always wondering why they don’t just fess up and occasionally tell the truth!


Clare said…
I really liked your blending the definition of slippery with talking about soap operas and their "slippery, seedy characters." You said it was a bit of a stretch, but to me it was brilliant and felt like a perfect joining.
Paul said…
Maybe that's why they are called soap operas. Ever try picking up a piece of wet soap from the floor of a running shower. Thanks for a well written and thought provoking piece.
gautami said…
Indian soap operas do not lag behind. There are marriages in the same family, everyone getting married to everyone else and conducting affairs with outsiders.

My mind whirls!
Rob Kistner said…
My god January -- I hadn't watched "Days of Our Lives" in nearly 25 years, not since I was laid up at home injured for a month in 1983.

I was sitting in my optometrist's waiting room last week when low and behold, there was Bo and Hope, big as day, up on the TV.

They must make those damned things in the Twilight Zone... ;)
January said…
Wow! I bet Indian soap operas are great fun. So much mystery and deception!
January said…
Rob, one of the things that I like about soaps are that you can pick them up no matter how long it's been since you lasted tunned in.
January said…
Paul, Clare--thanks for you comments.
Remiman said…
It's the slippery characters that draw the most interest. ;-)
Dani in NC said…
I use "slippery" in a different context when I think of soap operas. I don't watch them anymore because I dislike the way they suck me in. If I let myself even rest on the channel for a minute when a soap is on, I will end up watching the whole episode and coming back the next day.
Patois said…
I can see why you have affection for the "art" of watching soap operas. Definitely slippery. I didn't find it as a stretch or at least I didn't find your post a stretch of the prompt.
Becca said…
Very clever take on this prompt :)

Those soap opera plots and people do tend to get very slippery sometimes!
Tammy said…
I keep track of a few myself and I think the slippery characters are my favorite!

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