Summer Camp

Yesterday, my husband decided he wanted to get the tent out and have a special sleepover with our son. I knew they would be fine, but I have to tell you that I was a little nervous. Our son is not yet four, so I worried about him being scared all night.

As it turned out, Alex slept all night long, while his father tossed and turned (bad back--what was he thinking?). As for me, I checked on them at least three times. Maybe my son can teach me how not to be scared.

Anyway, here are some photos from setup to sleepover.


deirdre said…
What a big adventure that must have been for Alex! It'll be easier for you next time. :)
Catherine said…
It generally seems to be true that children can sleep anywhere, but adults have more trouble. Alex is very cute.
chiefbiscuit said…
How cute - every father and son / daughter has to do that at least once!
Anonymous said…
ha that is great
Jenn said…
This is the good stuff - the stuff Alex will remember as he grows up. The father/son bond is such a special one!
I really enjoyed these--they brought back so many memories of backyard (and front room) campouts when my kids were little!

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