Thursday, June 07, 2007

Poem for Poetry Thursday

Happy Poetry Thursday!

Still feel like I'm in a writing funk, but the best thing I can do is write my way thought it. I did have some ideas for a few new poems, which is a good sign.

Looking forward to reading as many poems as I can today.

Hair of the Dog

That bit you, last night,
a blueberry mohito,
sweetness barrels down
your throat on a sugar train
express. Everyone speaks in tongues,
sings their busted syllables
in the language of the smashed.
The bottom of a glass feels
too much like love, like courage,
where that mangy dog sleeps.
He wraps his mouth around you
and drags you through the morning
past the vapor of faces and flicker.
Are you the hair or are you the dog?
Drifting over night. Drowning in shade.
You wonder if this can really fix
what ails you.


Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

keep writin' girl! you're amazing!

gautami tripathy said...

"The bottom of a glass feels
too much like love, like courage,
where that mangy dog sleeps."

Some lines! I must ssay, you put your thoughts very well.

Regina Clare Jane said...

I have felt this way once on pink champagne... "the language of the smashed". Never again...
A great poem, January! Very evocative!

Catherine said...

There's some very vivid images in this. I loved it, although I can't vouch for his accuracy, having been a little too "merry" for my own good at a church meeting once, but never totally smashed

bookbinds said...

I like the contrasts in this poem and that feeling you capture of hovering in and out reality. This line really struck me,

"The bottom of a glass feels
too much like love, like courage,
where that mangy dog sleeps."

paris parfait said...

Love the contrasts of the bliss and the pain and the cloudiness of what's between the two. Great job!

...deb said...

Love, love, love the language and tone of this. It begs (me!) to be read aloud in a bright clipped tone.

Left-handed Trees... said...

The ending got me...nailed it down. I will be back by through the Poetry Thursday summer hiatus, of course--how would I get my January-poetry fix otherwise?

Jenn from MA said...

Had some time and thought I would poke around a bit more. Damn, girl. You are good.

January said...

Yikes! Thanks Jenn. :)

January said...

And thanks everyone for the kind words.

blondie said...

All I can say is this... if you wrote this while you were in a 'funk', I can't wait to see you at the top of your game!!

You go girl!!

:) blondie

PS. I will come and visit again!!

Saz Paz said...

Brilliant stuff! Only just discovered your blog & lovin your writing! Keep up the fab work, hun!


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