Cool Audio

Since I spend so much time in my car (I commute to and from work about two hours a day) I love to listen to smart, funny podcasts and audio posts. Here are two worth your time.

I’m always fascinated by first-hand stories of the writer’s life. Here’s a short commentary from NPR by Mark Peter Hughes called: Take This Job and Shove It! I'm a Writer Now. Hughes details his first steps in leaving a full-time job to pursue writing as a career.

Also, if you have an hour, listen to poets Robert Pinsky and Abdi Ali discuss the importance of the arts in schools on Radio Open Source.

If you have any suggestions for stories or podcasts that are must-downloads, let me know!


deirdre said…
Thanks for the recommendations. I'm in love with podcasts - I listen to them more often than music on my iPod.
January said…
Me too!

If you have any recommendations for podcasts, please share.
bostonerin said…
I met MP Hughes at the NESCBWI conference a couple of weeks ago. He's SO NICE, and had his family with him. They're on a great adventure this summer!
January said…
Hughes seems like a really nice person and a talented writer. Very cool!

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