A Few Random Thoughts on a Wednesday Morning

  • It’s been a busy summer so far. Haven’t had much time to blog or write poems, which is good in a way. The kids are more active so I’m more active. I’ve spent less time at the gym but more time outside. Summer is my favorite time of year and the season is relatively short in New England. (I’m a Virginian at heart—the weather there is warmer and more humid. Delightful!)

  • I don’t know about all of you shutterbugs out there, but I’m all backed up with photos. Haven’t posted them, and haven’t had any printed in a long time. I need to take a good two hours to sort, print, and put them in albums. I’ll also post a few in the next few days.

  • Tonight is the last NEWS Reading Series event for the summer. Boston Erin and I will pick it up again in the fall. She’s done a tremendous amount of work—really, an unfair amount—but the effort is paying off because I think the series is a huge success. Can’t wait to pick it up in September.

  • As for my poetry, I feel as if I’m discovering more and more options to get my work out there. Some interesting opportunities are falling into my lap—I just have to take advantage of them. More on that later.

  • One thing I haven’t done is scheduled a trip home to see my parents. We haven’t been to Virginia this year, although the summer months can be searing if you’re not used to it. But I miss my parents so it’s time to go home.

  • Last night, our office had a summer party with friends and family. Here are a few photos of Tim and the kids.


      bostonerin said…
      I love the pics! Alex is getting so big--he looks like a little boy, not so much like a baby any more.

      And hey--you've done QUITE A BIT of NEWS work, yourself, Ms. Thang. It takes two, my dear.
      January said…
      I am a Robin to your Batman, a Tonto to your Lone Ranger, a Milli to your Vanilli ... eh ... something like that.
      Kamsin said…
      Lovely photos, gorgeous kids!

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