My computer is not reading my adaptor and I'm almost out of battery life. Damn! The kind folks at Dell are going to fix my motherboard, so I have to send it off, which I should get back in good working order in 3 weeks (3 WEEKS?!? Lawd have mercy!).

Ironically my "antique" IBM laptop, aka Old Faithful, is giving me a few problems with my password, so I can get into it unless I can find a Windows workaround for passwords. Damn! I'm on my husband's computer now, the only working one in the house.

Long story short, the Fates are conspiring against me, saying, "Jan, take a wee break." Until I work out my "issues," I won't be able to post, respond, and come by your blogs as much as I would like. But I'll definitely be around. You can't get rid of me that easily.

Lawd have mercy!


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