Random Thoughts on a Wednesday Morning

1. Last weekend my BFF (I think that’s what the kids today are IM-ing) “Special K” came up for a visit. She and her family live in Texas so it was great that they stayed with us. I liked the one-to-one ratio of parents to children. Of course, when the kids are under 4, sometimes it feels like the little inmates are running the asylum. Truth is, both sets of kids got along extremely well. Too bad we don’t live closer.

2. Special K is one of the few people in my life who knows my past, present, and can predict my future. I think we all have good friends in our lives who we share histories. If she tells a story about us, I’m not really sure sometimes who’s story it is because we know each other so well.

3. While I’m sure the ladies of Poetry Thursday need a break, I’m sad the site won’t be more active over the summer. I mean, it makes sense to take a break. I hope we as a community can keep things going until they’re ready to return.

4. Father’s Day is coming up and I need to buy gifts for my husband and my dad. On top of that I have to buy/make gifts for my husband from my kids. Not that I mind, but I’m having a hard enough time coming up with something to give from me.

5. Red Sox have lost the last five out of six games. I’m not worried—it’s hard to continue to play .700 ball all season. So the Sox will cool off a bit, but I expect them to maintain their dominance over the NY Yankees and the AL east, if not all of MLB. As me again how I feel about them after the All-Star break.

6. Gotta love Matt Damon wearing a Red Sox jersey in NYC on Dave Letterman’s show. Just another reason to love MD!


Our best friends know so much about us and are really the special person in our lives.

You two look so good together!
I never need a reason to love Matt Damon! He's my celebrity boyfriend.
Emily said…
Great tribute to friendship!
Alex said…
Aww, I'm so glad you two were able to hang out. It was great that you were able to get breakfast together, just the two of you. I wish I could've been up there.
January said…
Thans Al. We'll steal a few minutes at your wedding. In the words of Stevie Wonder, "Don't you worry 'bout a thang!"
Anonymous said…
go sox :)

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