Tim found my digital camera, on the roof of my car of all places.

I thought I had put it on the top of my car (my car has a roof rack). And I did, but somehow it got wedged in the corner of the rack and stayed on my car for a more than a day. Now the most incredible part is that I have driven more than 80 miles, to and from work, so we have no idea how or why my camera did not smash into a million little pieces on the highway.

So I feel a bit stupid for not really checking the car's roof, but all's well that ends well. Now that I'm out of this mopey mood (and the Red Sox are winning tonight), I'm going to write a poem.

Thanks for the words of support today, it helped--more than you know.


Anonymous said…
That is too funny. Lucky girl!
deirdre said…
Oh, Yay! What a relief it must be, not only to have all the pictures you took, but also to not have to go buy another camera.
January said…
Yeah, I'm a dope. But you're right, at least I didn't lose my photos or have to buy another camera.
January said…
Dana, sometimes it better to be lucky than smart. Hee Hee Hee!
bostonerin said…
Too funny! I can't believe it made it down and back on the highway.

Clearly, that camera likes you as much as you like it!
Anonymous said…
Yea! I love when that kind of thing happens. An unexpected boon.

Jenn from MA said…
Yay! A happy ending! Now that you found your camera...you'll have to share some of your awesome pics from Father's Day!
Nice...every once in a while it works out, doesn't it?
wish studio said…
this is totally something i would do, but i would have driven away oblivious...lucky girl :)
January said…
Wish Studio, just wanted you to know that I checked out your Red Brick space last Friday and it looks amazing!

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