Confession Tuesday

Hola! Happy Cinco de Mayo! If you are confessing this week, drop me or Carolee a note and let us know what you have to say.

I spend time this past weekend reading the poems I wrote in April, as well as combining poems I hadn’t revised since last March, which included NaPo ’07 poems. Now I have a healthy batch ready to be pulled apart and put back together again. Not all will make the cut for a new manuscript, but if two-thirds make it I’ll be thrilled.


Sunday, I went to a poetry reading in Boston at Forest Hills featuring Danielle Legros Georges, Lainie Senechal, Afaa M. Weaver, and Sam Cornish, Boston’s first poet laureate. It was a rainy afternoon, and I was accompanied by local poet Colleen Michaels. The reading was held in a chapel on the grounds—surprisingly, the audience was a lively one. I always think readings in chapels will be solemn affairs, but I give credit to the audience for really responding to the works of four talented poets.


After the reading, we chatted with the poets and met poet and organizer Harris Gardner, who sets up this reading and others in the Boston area through an organization he founded called Tapestry of Voices. As strongly as I feel about poets having a community, it's nice to see someone organize writers to read in venues all over Boston.


Because I was out of the house, I missed the Boston Celtics and Red Sox play crucial games! Fortunately, both teams won and all was right in the world.


Much of the weekend was spent keeping up with the kids. It was a rainy weekend but we managed to get the out of the house and have some fun.


Since today (Monday) is Cinco de Mayo, Tim and I celebrated by making guacamole from scratch and margaritas. Yum!


I probably won’t post much but I hope to read and post on other blogs this week.


Anonymous said…
just when i thought i had convinced you to like me, you exclude me from a guacamole and margarita extravaganza. i don't know where we go from here. we'd only just begun ... :)
...deb said…
Ahhhh, nice hair of the dog for that NaPoWriMo hangover.

You are a good poet-mom to those poem-children.
Catherine said…
How do you make guacamole from "scratch and margaritas"? I thought you made it from avocados :)
Goodnight, Mom said…
hmm, a margarita sounds pretty good right now! how did they turn out?

Oh, and where ya been this week? You've been on radio silence via email?

I finally got my confession up a day late!
January said…
This is our busy time at work--the week before Commencement. Will send an e-mail today.

Margaritas and quac were great! I may make some more tonight. Trader Joe's sells a Quacamole Kit that I highly recommend. (The kit is just fresh veggies bundled together but it was a really good value.)

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