Ten Things I Am Grateful for Today

Usually I fight the impulse toward sentimentality when posting on my blog. But after a very stressful work week, I am feeling a little grateful for the things I too often take for granted.

So here's my gratitute list, in no particular order:
  1. My husband's love
  2. My son's patience
  3. My daughter's wet sloppy two-year old kisses (with tongue)
  4. A warm sunny day after the weather folks said the opposite
  5. Fresh vegetables
  6. Music. Music. Music.
  7. Time to hear myself think, and time to write the occasional poem.
  8. Old friends, new friends
  9. Happy and healthy family
  10. Money in the bank

Now back to my regularly scheduled cynicism.


Anonymous said…
January said…
I know ... what's come over me? Must be the Celts and Red Sox having good games yesterday.

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