Confession Tuesday

I'm sure after a long weekend you have much to confess. Ease your conscious here by telling all, and let me or Carolee know when you do.


"It's been a hard day's night, and I've been working like a dog." That sort of describes last week at work. We had a major shakeup, and without going into to many details, we'll be feeling the aftershocks for months to come.

Like most people, if I'm not a home I'm at work. So to have stress in one of the two places I spend most of my time is not good. With any luck, our department will come through this stronger than before. But I'm not looking forward to this transitional period. I'm just not a transitional girl.


Had a great Memorial Day Weekend visiting with friends and spending time with the kids. Tim and I managed to make it out for couple time with dinner and a movie. The highpoint was having a cookout in our backyard with 15 friends and neighbors. We have a very tall maple in our backyard, home to hundreds of inchworms. I don't think anyone escaped them as they descended from our trees into plates, cups, hair, etc. It was as if everyone left with parting gifts!


We saw "21" at the movies—I give it a B-. Wish we had stayed at home to watch "Recount" on HBO. (Both are Kevin Spacey movies.)


No movement with the book. With any luck, I'll have a cover to share with you during the summer. I've asked a well-known poet to write the foreword for my book. When that is approved, I'll reveal who the mystery poet is. (Yes, I'm confessing that I'm not confessing here.)


No poetry either, but making plans for upcoming projects. It does feels strange not writing, but I don't feel guilty about it. Not in the least.


There's been a lot of dialogue in the blogosphere this article about the financial component to the writer's life, which has sparked posts on what it means to be a career poet. Well, I can't let this opportunity pass without adding in my two cents. Any chance for me to talk about the business side of poetry is a good one. So I'll jump into the fray tonight on this topic near and dear to my heart.


Alex said…
Glad you had a good Memorial Day weekend amidst all the turmoil at work. Inchworms huh? They're the gift that keeps on giving. Ugh.
...deb said…
Great confession!

I understand how difficult a stressful work life is. It reverberates through all the pther parts of my life, anyway.

I read "make out for couple [of] time[s]"...ha ha! Nice.

Can I guess, can I guess???!! (I have to: initials T N, backwards so it's jinx-proof!)

I had to guess. I love guessing games.
January said…
Good guess, Deb!
I like this way of confessing. I call it tuesday musings. This time, I transcreated a poem by William Carlos Williams.
chiefbiscuit said…
Good luck with the progress of your book - how exciting!!!

Hope the dust settles a little for you at work ...

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