Quick Bits

What can I say about the best-laid plans? On Wednesday I had a whole day of child-free activities planned. But I got some news that can best be described as workplace craziness. Needless to say, I didn’t do as much as I had hoped on my vacation day. Oh well. At least Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner. I’ll eke out some time for poetry then.

The craziness continued today and will go on for a while.


I did have company last night at my house—another poet mom with her daughter! A welcomed distraction to my anxiety.


Two other surprises came my way on Wednesday. Copies of the publication Edible Phoenix came in the mail. The magazine had contacted me about publishing my poem, “In Praise of Okra” a little over a month ago and now the poem is in the Summer 2008 edition. Well, I’m more than pleased with how it came out. And, they paid for my poem—a first for me. It looks great!

Robert Lee Brewer from Poetic Asides/Writer's Digest sent me this nifty little button for the completion of NaPoWriMo:


So I’m posting this with my heartfelt thanks to Robert. He’s also sending out a certificate, which is not necessary but cool nonetheless.


Catherine said…
Congratulations on getting paid. And thanks for the link to Poetic Asides, I'll be bookmarking it
Ananda said…
sending you love and light. congratulations.

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