Confession Tuesday

Happy Confession Tuesday!

Confession Tuesday needs its own holiday. Be sure to drop a note to me or Carolee and fess up!

First of all, I should have Happy Mother’s Day to my mom! During the past year, she has been reading my blog. And while I did speak with her yesterday, I’m officially saying hello via the blog!


Mother’s day was sunny and brisk in New England—perfect weather to take the family to Fenway Park and walk around the field (see photos below). The Fenway trip was quite the contrast from how I usually like to spend Mother’s Day—alone! And if the park hadn’t been open, the bulk of the day would have been spent (sans kids) shopping and writing. But I’m learning that these occasions are more important for my kids than for me.


Told Tim I didn’t want a present this year, just new Red Sox shirts for the kids. But what he gave me was the best gift ever. He gave me a card and wrote that he would take me out to dinner wherever I wanted to go, including dancing!

Dancing is one of my favorite things but we never go. You know what I mean ladies—if it wasn’t for the occasional wedding we’d never step out on the dance floor. So I have my feelers out for a place to go dancing in Boston that’s not a scary, 20-something meat market. An 80s dance night will do.


I’m enjoying not writing poems, but I’m getting the urge again. In the meantime, I’m
revising my April pieces. I’m quite pleased with my work but I can already see pieces I will probably cut for one reason or another. Hope to send out to five publications later this week.


Lately, I’ve been asked to participate in a lot of poetry-related activities, such as hosting the Super Hoot. I’ve also been asked to read at a few venues around greater Boston. Very cool.


I was reading Steve Fellner’s post for the NY Times on his first book collection and found myself hit with the cold water of reality:

“A few weeks ago, when I received my first royalty check of $27.08, I received the news: 138 copies. My first book of poems, Blind Date with Cavafy, sold a total of 138 copies.”
What a sad but all-too-true reality for poets. My deepest fear, and I know this will happen, is that one day I’ll find my book in some bookstore in the $0.99 clearance bin. Now that’s a true confession.


Hope mother's day was eventful for you. I like this idea of Teusday confessions. I had started a tuesday musing post..all for myself. For the first few weeks, I wrote mostly pwersonal stuff. Today I did something different. Do check it out:

...deb said…
I'm in.

Great confession. Wonderful mom's day gift from Tim. I remember you writing about dancing (was it a AWP event?!)

I appreciate your book-published-but-MIA confession. But here's one reader who will buy it at full price.
Yeah. When my Pepek book became available a few months ago I sold 1 copy (to my best friend's sister) in Ohio. I've given away 30 copies to family and friends. But that's kinda good, because I have a good editor who is reformatting it, possibly with a new cover, and it will look a lot better--and I keep reminding myself I did it for family and friends anyway.

Most poetry books are not runaway best sellers! But you already knew that, didn't you? You do it because you love to do it!
PS I actually made about $6,000 from my first book, my novel. (That was more money THEN than it is NOW. It helped feed my son in Japan for a couple of years.) I don't regret any of it....but I have found both of my earlier books on the sale table, and I admit that it stings for a minute or two....
January said…
If a poetry book made that much money, I think it's considered a best seller!


I should be so lucky and blessed as to have that success.

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