Current temperature: 14 degrees
Feels like: 1 degree

Insane! These are the days that I just want to crawl in bed and stay there.

Will brave the cold to go to Starbucks and write. Haven’t been in almost two weeks. I’m having venti-hot-chocolate withdrawals.

While I’m there, I’d like to start two poems. One of which needs to be an inaugural-themed piece for a reading on January 20.

Another reason why I love my iPhone: I downloaded an application that will allow me to post audio files on my blog. May test it out tonight—stay tuned.

Thinking about recording audio files made me wonder about recording poems at readings, or just doing v-logs. So this little baby may be in my future.


Maya Ganesan said…
It's sunny and warm today! I never thought I'd say that 48ish degrees was warm, but it's a nice break.
Ananda said…
i hope the hot cocoa at starbucks helped you write your new poems. i am happy that you love your iphone. i think vlogs would be great for you. we could your wonderful work. enjoy your jan. 20 reading.

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