Confession Tuesday

Ladies and gentlemen … I give you the first Confession Tuesday of 2009!


Last week, I shared my Poetry Action Plan, but did I mention my New Year's Goal (I don't believe in resolutions)? This is my overarching philosophy for how I approach the year: take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. What does that mean, you ask? It means not letting time slip away. It means calling a friend when I first get the impulse and not putting it off. It means inviting my neighbors over for dinner instead of planning to do it but not doing it. It means sending saying yes more than saying no. But it also means slowing down when I have the chance. I feel as if I don't follow up on my ideas, so 2009 is really about converting words into action.


I was up last night with Ella who has a bad cold, which means I didn't sleep much last night. But she's doing better today, poor baby.


The presidential inauguration is in two weeks! Although, it feels as if Barack Obama has made more progress as president elect than our current president has in all of 2008.


Speaking of inauguration, I'm planning an Inauguration Day Poetry Reading in my community. I have invited local poets and poetry lovers to come out and share an "inaugural" poem . Since so many of us are unable to travel to D.C. for the event, I thought this would be a great way to commemorate this historic day. More info to come.

*If you plan on hosting a similar event, let me know.*


On the poetry front, I'm returning to my local writers group after a two-month absence. Other things on the list:

  • Write a poem this week
  • Send out a packet of poems this week
  • Create flyer for Inauguration Event


odessa said…
happy new year january! i love your overarching philosophy of coverting words into action. i also need that since i procrastinate a lot.

no confessions for me this week, but i did write about my goal for this New Year. and that is striving to live a balanced life.

so excited for the inauguration. really tempted to call in sick that day, but then that would be too obvious right> :)
Goodnight, Mom said…

Happy New Year! I'm so sorry that we missed each other on Friday night!

Love your resolutions. Need to get around to making some myself. Actually, Jon and I did a few but they were more about us.

So sorry Ella had a cold! Hope she's better!
...deb said…
Nice way to start the year (except for a sick kidlet, I suppose)!

Here's mine:

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