The Trashfinders Ball

Imagine, if you will, a neighborhood party that celebrates trash!

The Trashfinders Ball is a local favorite. It’s a charity event in late February where folks come to exhibit their best trash finds. Judges pick the best items and one lucky winner will become the 2009 Trash King or Queen. These trash-to-treasures are judged solely by the trash find: Where was it found? What the story behind it? Why have you kept it? And this year, there’s a fashion show!

This will be my first time attending the ball, so last Thursday, I participated in a pre-party event called the sewing circle. The trashfinders get together to make fashion out of trash, or trashy fashion. We brought old material, used clothing, and … well … rubbish!

Not only is this a fun concept, it's a creative way to look at what we throw away, and monies raised will go to a good cause. The organizers are even creating a documentary about the event.

This was my creation (thanks Colleen!): a skirt made out of old, shredded O magazines!

Will show you finished my creation, along with a full recap, after the party!


Kay said…
That sounds like fun - good luck with your entry. Over here we have a whole Fashion Festival on the same sort of idea - it's called Wearable Arts.
Goodnight, Mom said…
It's like your own Project Runway!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!
January said…
Gives to meaning to ready-to-wear fashion.

I'm thinking about making matching sets of clothes for Tim and the kids. *yikes!*

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