Weekend America

I just found out that one of my favorite public radio shows, Weekend America, is being cancelled. I believe the last show will air at the end of January.

Why? "It's the economy, stupid." (Damn that phrase.)

As someone with a two-hour, roundtrip commute four days a week, I had come to value the time I spent in the car listening to the Weekend America podcast. Not only do they feature quirky, off-beat, slice-of-life stories, they almost always have a segment showcasing poetry in a meaningful, intelligent way.

So here are two of the most recent poetry stories:

Poet Derek Walcott discussing President-elect Barack Obama. You'll remember that famous photo of Obama in front of his motorcade holding a Derek Walcott book.

And poet Linda Pastan discussing past inaugurations:


~ said…
Oh no! I love Weekend America. sad news.
January said…
Such a good show. I'm going to miss "Good News/Bad News/No News."

Writer Bug said…
So sad!
daxys said…
oh no, my favorite source of English listening is being cancelled ? Can anything be done about it ?
January said…
I don't think there's anything that can be done, sadly. I think Weekend America announced their decision mid December, and the last show will be Jan 31.

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