Thursday, January 01, 2009

Day One

This is a do-over • Time to press “reset” • Time for second chances and first impressions • Time to get realer • Time to admit what you don’t know, and embrace the things you do • Time to walk instead of run • Time to run instead of drive • Time to remember what the New Year is all about • Time to get involved • Time to stop talking and start listening • Time to stop listening and start doing • Time to forgive • Time to lend a hand • Time to appreciate the ones around us • Time to claim your “Me time” • Time to live within your means • Time to just do it • Time to claim your authentic self • Time to find your own powerful, unique story, because nobody can tell it better than you • In other words, it’s time for a change. Or as poet June Jordan once wrote, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Happy 2009! Wishing you much poetry and blogging in the New Year!!


Maya Ganesan said...

Happy New Year, January!

Collin Kelley said...

Happy New Year, January. Welcome to day one. :)

Ananda said...

Happy New Year and New You. I love your photo post. Incredible. Thanks for the June Jordan quote.

January said...

Thanks, and Happy New Year one and all!

kj said...

happy new year, january. what an inspiring post at exactly the right time for yours truly. your photo on that wall is awesome!!!


caitlin grace said...

Thanks, January, very well said.

Who took that portrait of you on the wall?

January said...

Hey Caitlin! Happy New Year. The photo of the wall was taken by my boss on a slow day at work.

The gallery setup I did at Photo Funia:

No baby yet? Good luck. Y'know, January is a great name for a girl!


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