I Did It All For the Nook

This is Ella holding my new Nook Tablet. It was a gift from Babson, and I have it admit it's pretty nice. She's watching a kids' show on it--the picture is amazingly sharp. Haven't downloaded any e-books because, quite frankly, I have stacks of books waiting to read. I definitely see value having an e-reader around, especially on long trips and flights.

Why do I feel as if I'm cheating on the Kindle? More important, why do I feel as if I'm cheating on books?


Aaaah, the Super Bowl. I spent the last 17 seconds of the fourth quarter consoling my son after we realized the Patriots were not going to pull off a victory. Hard to tell an eight-year-old that if you're a New England sports fan, you're in for a world of hurt. With four really good sports franchises calling Boston their home, we're bound to lose a few games. Instead, I held him until the tears stopped, got a big bowl of ice cream, and watched the TV show Man vs. Food Nation. Watching someone eat a ridiculous amount of food in under 30 minutes always makes us feel better.


Could not get in a writing groove this weekend but I did eke out time for free writes. I know the poems will come. In my writing class, however, I've been using The Poet's Companion as my text, which has been helpful in teaching poetry as well as reviving my own work.


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