Kibbles and Bits

Ahhh, Saturday. Welcome, my friend.

You know I'm busy when I let days go by without a blog post. Wow, what a week. Between teaching and poetry, I'm exhausted. Mass Poetry Festival is in full swing, and I'm trying to get a lot done in a short amount of time. The nice part is that I'm having an impact on the process, which is terrific.   

No two days are ever the same--and I LOVE IT!


Yes, I'm exhausted. But I'm finding these lovely little pockets of time during the day. Though I'm not writing poems, I am freewriting much more. I'm also seeing friends more and working out on a regular basis. Best of all, my kids see me more. For better or for worse, those kids are stuck with me. :)


This weekend: a little work, some kid time, and lots of rest. Would like to take some pictures today; I haven't taken any good shots of the kids in months. It's time to get outside.--this is the warmest winter in New England in decades.

More to come.


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