Artifact, Archive, Orchard

Because you can never have enough poetry in April ...

Artifact, Archive, Orchard: The Binding of Past and Present in Poetry!
Wednesday, April 25, 7 p.m.
Smith Barn, 54 Felton Street
Peabody, MA

Montserrat College of Art and the Peabody Historical Society have collaborated to host a three-part poetry event starting with a poetry-writing workshop, followed by a bookmaking workshop and concluding with readings and lecture gala event Wednesday, April 25 at 7 pm at the Smith Barn, 54 Felton Street in Peabody. The event, titled Artifact, Archive, Orchard: The Binding of Past and Present in Poetry, incorporates the three strands of history, poetry and art to celebrate April’s National Poetry Month.

After a week of independent writing, workshop participants created hand-crafted books compiling their poems at Montserrat College of Art’s Bookmaking Studio, taught by book artist and Montserrat instructor Sarah Smith. The books will then be displayed at the final gala event Wednesday, April 25, alongside banners portraying texts, tools and landscapes used in the poetry workshops, created by printmaking artist and Montserrat instructor, Len Thomas-Vickory. The night will include readings by workshop participants, a lecture by Collections Conservator for the Harvard College Library at Harvard University, Todd Pattison, and pie and cider.

Come to the gala event. It's FREE and fabulous! Hope to see you there.

All hail the Czarina of Fun Colleen Michaels for her efforts.


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