Twas the Night Before Festival ...

Twas the night before festival
and all through the town
volunteers were busy prepping
we were looking for nouns.

The buttons were counted
in the kitchen with care
As the Czarina made pasta
with bowls and bowls to spare


Fortunately, the pasta last night is better than my poetry rhyme.

Last night Colleen Michael's, aka Czarina of Fun, we did some last-minute prep work. Having the benefit of doing this last year, things were much smoother and there were many more hands helping. We wrapped up around 10:45 p.m. Many hands make light work! This comes after a full day of last-minute behind-the-scene's work. organizing the volunteer and check-in spots.

All this to say that the festival is on track to be amazing.


Susan Rich is in town!


Did you see this article in the Salem News?


Last night I was on the phone with a reporter at midnight. Go figure.


OK, back to work. See you in Salem!!


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