Book Art

Last Sunday I attended a handmade books workshop at Montserrat College of Art. This was the second phase of our Brooksby Farm Poetry Workshop experience--first poems, then books. Led by Book Artist Sarah Smith, we spent the morning learning about paper, grains, stitches, and bone folders. It was way cool. (When I grow up, I want to be a book artist!)

I have a love of fonts and typography, so it was just fun being in this creative space with letter presses and old-school printmaking materials.

Can't tell you how excited we got when Sarah brought out a paper cutter that makes curved edges for our books! Of course, when she asked us to make measurements with a ruler, that's when she lost this group of writers. Sad, really.

But we quickly recovered and went on to make four wonderful little books.

By the end of the class, we left with the skills put together these books on our own.

The poems we wrote a few weeks ago at the workshop will be bound in a lovely little edition, each a one-of-a- kind booklet, and read at an event on April 25 at the Brooksby Farm barn. At the evening event, there will be lectures on the history of the farm and on bookmaking of the time, a poetry reading, and apple pies made with apples from the farm.


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