Happy National Poetry Month!

Can you believe it's April already? Happy National Poetry Month! All the poets I know are busy planning readings, community-wide celebrations, and online events.

It's also time to write a poem a day!

You may be asking, "Jan, you are in the middle of planning a major event. Why are you writing a poem a day?" The answer is quite simple: I am crazy. And crazy busy. But giving myself an hour a day to write actually keeps me grounded. It focuses my energy on something entirely for me.

Unfortunately, I will not officially participate in NaPoWriMo and PAD challenges. But I will be cheering others on from the sidelines. I can't post daily but I will post a few during the month. And if I stop writing a poem a day closer to the festival, I'll pick up the challenge in May with members of my writers' group. I've written my first poem already so, I'm off to a great start!


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