Confession Tuesday

This is Katie, my neighbor and the graphic designer for the Mass Poetry Fest program book. I am looking over her shoulder while she makes last-minute edits. Getting "The Beast," as I like to call it, to print will be a quick and dirty experience. Hoping it all goes through without a hitch. Fortunately, Katie has gone above and beyond for me. 

Feel free to throw laurels at her feet when she walks by at the festival. I owe her a mani/pedi.

Now, onto confessions.


I confess that I am running on empty tonight. And if I don't post now, I won't post at all.

I confess I walked across the street in fully dressed but in my bathrobe. That's what crazy will do to a person.

I confess I have two more hours of work ahead of me. So I'll probably cut it to one hour, and just get up at the crack of dawn to finish.

I confess I miss the Alex and Ella, who are visiting their dad for a few days.

I confess I needed the time without them to work. We would not have had fun if they were stuck in the house with me while I was at my computer. They return home on Wednesday.

I confess I'm looking forward to my parents' visit on Wednesday. And, they'll watch the kids for me during the festival. I'm excited that they will visit Salem with Alex and Ella to see what's been keeping me up at night. Also really excited to show them my new digs at Salem State. Poetry trolley, anyone?

I confess I'm looking forward to my parents doing the grocery shopping for me. (Thanks mom and dad!)

I confess I feel like a Don Henley song. All of them.

I confess I don't know why Don Henley came up as a reference.

I confess I'm stalling to avoid all the work I really need to get done.

I confess--The Mass Poetry Festival will knock your socks off!

I confess I'm looking forward to April 23.


Three more days!



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