Confession Tueday

Happy Tuesday, folks! Welcome to Confession Tuesday. Share a little of yourself and we promise to do the same.

The kids are I have come down with Summeritus!

  • insatiable need to play, laugh, stay up late, stick toes in ocean
  • must be around other people
  • cravings for foods cooked on a grill
  • chronic bubble-blowing and water-gun fights
  • inability to use technology for extended periods of time
I hear it happens around the summer solstice. Maybe you're suffering from it, too?

  • sunblock 
  • flip flops
Take two freeze pops and call me in the morning!


The last few years have been such a transition for us as a family that I had forgotten how much I enjoy entertaining at home. So that's what we've been doing for the last few months, but it's really picked up over the past few weeks. We've been grilling on our new gas grill (which I put together) quite a bit. Last week I made flatbread pizzas--if you've never grilled a pizza you MUST try it. Last night, we grilled chicken and burgers with other poet moms for a potluck. Love it! We've also been to lots of cookouts and gatherings recently so the summer is really getting off to a great start.

Today I'm feeling grateful for the community of friends we're lucky to be a part of. Thanks for helping bring laughter back into our home.


Thanks, C, for the "porn corn!"


Looking over my poetry to-do list, a few things have fallen off. The one thing I seem to be doing consistently, however, in not writing. *sigh* Did get some revisions and submissions out of the way, so that's a plus.

Poetry to do's

  • Write two poems
  • Start big project (will go into details another time)
  • Read two manuscripts for friends
  • Organize poems to revise/submit for publication
  • Write one article
  • Start research for third manuscript
This list feels light. What am I forgetting? Hmmm ...


I bought a very cool new journal, which is actually an artists' travel sketchbook. It's got this cool magnetic flap that keeps the pages from getting frayed, and a built-in pencil holder--which I promptly replaced with my favorite pen.

Also, I have a journal given to me by a dear friend that I'm going to use for morning thoughts/gratitude pages. I just have to remember to use it first thing.

Hoping the change in routine will help me be a more consistent writer.


Porn corn. Say it loud, say it proud.


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