Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Roundup

Per usual, I am writing at the Salem Athenaeum with my group for a few hours before the day gets started. It will be 90 degrees for the next three days. Woo hoo!

Whenever people complain about the heat, I remind them that in seven months the tempertures will drop about 90 degrees.


Wesley McNair talks about his latest project: an innovative online exhibit featuring correspndeneces between Wesley and Donald Hall from 1976-1983.


ForeWord Review reviews Kevin Carey's new book The One Fifteen to Penn Station.


Sandra Beasley: "My super-ambitious side wants to think that all it takes is a couple of days to pull out of a bad stretch, but sometimes it takes longer."


Sandy Longhorn: "Fact: There is no magic formula for creating a book of poetry. If anyone tries to tell you differently, they lie."


"Are You Serious About Your Writing?" by Dan Sklar


Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks for the linkage, January! Hope the heat brings you inspiration and fun days at the pool!

January said...

My pleasure, Sandy. And thanks for sharing your posts. Very inspirational.


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