Filling the Well

This is my room with a view. Notice the nautical-themed wallpaper and and the choo-choo train lamp.

Jennifer and I escaped for a long weekend in Gloucester, MA, to "fill the well" as we like to say. We leave our families for a few days to eat, sleep, talk, and think about poetry and the po biz. This year, the weather is cooperating. And while we've spent most of our time indoors, it's been an extremely productive time. Here's what I have learned:
  1. I need more than a weekend. I'm more determined than ever to do a weeklong workshop/retreat.
  2. I wrote one poem and revised five. Is that good? I think so.
  3. Had the chance to plot out my third book with a loose timeline 
  4. No matter what, I need to be a more consistent writer, as in write a poem a week 
  5. Time to start submitting to journals again. (*sigh*) 
  6. Read Sandra Beasley's book I Was the Jukebox and loved it.
Jennifer, on the other hand, has plotted out her next project and has written several drafts. Can't wait to see the process during the next year.

One thing I did pick up at a local bookshop was the spring and summer edition of Poetry Northwest, the science issue. Excellent. Pick it up if you get a chance. Especially enjoying Bob Hicok's poem "Ecstasy."

Sad to leave the retreat but I'm feeling inspired and energized about my work. Here's hoping we can get away again before year's end.


Jessie Carty said…
this sounds so wonderful ;) I think I put too many non poetry obligations on my plate this summer!! you did great with what you accomplished in a weekend.
January said…
My list of "must do's" is equally as long, but I'm trying to knock them off one by one.

Thanks for the kind words. Hope you had a nice weekend.

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