Confession Tuesday

Happy Confession Tuesday! Share a bit of yourself with us and we promise to do the same.

It's the day before Independence Day, and my brain is officially mush. I have a few things to finish before I'm free and clear for the holiday. Working on a big project due by end of week, as well as reading manuscripts for friends. And then there are my own poems, languishing in a folder until the weekend, unfortunately. 


Tonight I'm going to my writers' group with a poem written last year. Wish I could bring something written more recently, but I just haven't revised enough on my own to show any new work in public. And, this particular poem needs love.


I really need to start posting poems again on my blog. Maybe in July.

I have been thinking a lot about writers' retreat and my need for time. How best can I use the time I have right now. I've also been thinking about writers' retreats. I feel as if I need to be in a completely different space to complete anything. Now, I've always been able to write with distractions, but I am craving a week focused on writing. I have to figure out how I can make it happen--on the cheap!


Anonymous said…
I'm really struggling with the same: Finding time. I've also started looking into writer's retreats, or even a solitary cabin with a power outlet so that I can write away, but they're almost always cost prohibitive, unless I want to go without said power outlet.

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