Confession Tuesday

It's Tuesday! Time for your confessions. Share a little of yourself with us and we promise to do the same.


I am in mourning for my missing--now presumed dead--laptop.

Y'know, I was in one of those good periods when you think to yourself, "I'm way too happy about life. What could possibly go wrong?" Well ...

I know, it's a laptop. No one died. No one was sent to jail or lost a job. But it's my laptop, with a custom-made case. I don't feel like writing, or blogging, or anything. This whole incident has really thrown me off my game. And I don't know what bothers me more, that my carelessness was to blame, or that no one has returned it. It has shaken my faith in people. When given the chance, do people really do the right thing?

(I know. I'm being melodramatic. Indulge me. This is me grieving.)


Susan Rich reminded me that Kelli's laptop was lost to a cup of coffee not too long ago. So when I reread the post and comments, Jeannine's words made me feel a little better:

"And maybe that old laptop was holding you back. The new one will be the one to hold your third book!"

If there is a silver lining, then maybe my new laptop will hold my third book. And maybe the person who found my laptop needed it more than me. So there.


I've got the new model picked out and should be back in business by end of week. My mood should be better, too.


EKSwitaj said…
I lost a laptop nearly a year ago to water I managed to spill *from across the room*. I had everything backed up and still I mourned for that thing.
I have been sad to hear about your laptop Janz - on Twitter as well as here. I can only imagine the angst. I guess it can only mean what you get to replace it will be better. Can't wait to see the replacement - photos? xx

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