When the Going Gets Tough

... the tough go to Busch Gardens!


Wish I could say I had a great time, but my mind was on my missing laptop. Spent part of the day one the phone with the rental agency in a last-ditch effort to find it. Ugh. (expletive)

All in all, we had a fun day at the park. Alex and I rode the Loch Ness Monster roller coaster, which is a big-time coaster with steep drops and loops. He loved it, but after said he didn't want to ride a coaster like that until he turned 10.


The kids love being in Virginia, with my son saying, "I want to move here!" Yay! He's also trying to grow an afro so he's going through a growth spurt on many levels.

Tomorrow, we hit the beach.


I have already picked out my replacement laptop. Hate spending the money but I can't function without one. Still can't believe my laptop is gone. But maybe I was meant to lose it, meant to buy a new one. I've felt the hand of fate in my life more than once during the past month. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something, at least that's what I keep telling myself.

I'm hoping a good Samaritan contacts me about my laptop very, very soon.


Susan Rich said…
I'm so sorry, Jan. Kel lost a laptop this year via a spilled drink so you are in good company. I think you are in a huge sea of change and that all in all things seem going well for you -- or that's how it looks from my vantage point. Hope we can figure out our next adventure together soon.

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