On the Road Again

We are in Norfolk, Virginia, visiting my parents for a few days. Unfortunately I left my laptop in a rental car and now it is missing--feared  lost.

Yesterday, I was lugging around a large suitcase, two car seats, a purse, and my laptop bag while watching two kids and their carryons. A warning light came on in the first car we had, so I hastily swapped everything from the first to the second car and misplaced it on the transfer.

Ugh. I am beside myself. I am so careful with my laptop usually. When I think of all the photos loaded on my laptop ... I haven't backed it up in more than a year. Most of my more recent documents are on a thumb drive. But I loved my Lenovo Ideapad. My laptop bag also had my Nook in it, so I am just sick to death about it.

I went to the rental agency as soon as it opened this morning. No sign of the bag so far. The agent, who was very helpful, said he'd call after the Lost and Found department opens. Keep your fingers crossed that it shows up today.


Oh no! I'm so sorry for this (it's something I would do).

I'm thinking good thoughts for you that it will turn up (I bet it will).
Heidi G. said…
J- Wishing you all the luck in the world, that someone is honest and returns it from the rental car. A thought: would any kind of rental insurance may have covered the item when you rented the car? Sometimes rental insurance covers such items (lost or stolen property).

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