Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday ... well, a few days ago.

This Marsh Hall on Salem State University's campus, where I spent Wednesday and Thursday at a New Faculty Orientation.

When I started teaching this past January, I was crazed. I was working three jobs at once until February 1. So there wasn't much time for orientation back then. Now that the semester starts in less than two weeks, this orientation comes at the right time as I put together my syllabi and course requirements.

I will be teaching two Comp 1's, Intro to Creative Writing, and Intro to Poetry. Yep, four classes.


Yesterday, I read at the Boston Poetry Marathoon. Great group of readers on Friday night, if I do say so myself. More on that in a separate post. Going back for more great reading tonight.


Happy birthday, Mom!



I am home alone. The kids are with their dad for another full week, but I feel more prepared to handle it. So I'm in my bathrobe (or as I like to say, my house coat) playing catch-up with all the things I've put off since I've been on vacation, including blog posts.

Not having a good computer to work on is cramping my style. But change is gonna come ... soon.



Not to be outdone, I have a really busy week coming up with my Mass Poetry Festival responsibilities. Sunday I'm headed to NYC to see the beautiful and talented Joseph Legaspi. I also have a Monday meeting in Manhattan. Lots of meetings this week, in fact. Should be a fabulous week. Really.


I'm read for school to start, too :). Good luck with planning and enjoying the last days of summer!
January said…
Thanks Hannah!

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