Confession Tuesday

Confession Tuesday, baby. You know the drill!

Speaking of drills ...

I was in NYC on Monday in the Wall Street district. The GPS in my car sent me all over the place. Apparently, my GPS (which I have named "Dora the Explorer") does not know about the construction happening near the former World Trade Center site.


I had a delightful lunch meeting. with Jen Benka, the new executive director of the Academy of American Poets. I met her at the Poetry Marathoon this past weekend, but we've had this meeting on the books for a few weeks. My hope is that the Academy and the Massachusetts Poetry Festival can find opportunities to work together in the near future.

It was a thrill to walk through their offices and meet the staff. They are a small but dedicated staff who are the keepers of content going back to the 1930s. Wow.

Lunch was lovely. Hats off to Jen! She is well poised to take the Academy into new territory--and I can't wait to see what she has planned.


I really like my job.

BTW, I have no fear about driving in NYC. None.


Spent Sunday evening visiting with Joseph Legaspi and Boo. And after my Monday meeting with Jen, I spent the afternoon at MoMA. Heaven.

I typed most of this yesterday on my new iPad. Heck, my Lenovo is shipping today from China. I can't be without a laptop for a long stretch. So, I gave in. Not in love with it yet, however. Typing on a computer screen and not using a jump drive to transfer files is a problem--both problems with easy fixes. But it means changing the way I do things. Not ideal. Truth be told, I'm looking forward to my Ideapad.

It is like having a giant iTouch.

Started a poem on my iPad, so there's hope for me yet.


Feeling very lucky and happy for this life.


Professor Ramos said…
It's clear you love all you do, January - it's inspiring really.
January said…
Thanks Vanessa! Hope you're enjoying the end of summer.

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