My kids come back today after a week with their dad. Yay! By my calculations, they owe me 70 kisses each (10 kisses per day per child x 7 days = 140 kisses). They must pay to enter.

AWP has released their list of panels. Two panels I'm on were accepted:

It’s Just Like Herding Cats: Poetry Festivals and Building Community.
(Jennifer Jean, January O'Neil, Michael Ansara, Martin Farawell, Michele Russo)
In this panel, representatives from the Massachusetts Poetry Festival and from the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival in New Jersey will share best practices about creating, marketing, and running successful state-wide poetry festivals. Panelists will discuss poetwrangling and building a base of core volunteers. They’ll also discuss their poetry-in-the-schools, poetry teacher training, and literacy programs, as well as their passion for poetry and their passion to build community.

Massachusetts Book Award In Poetry, Past Winners Reading.
(January Gill O'Neil, Henri Cole, Daniel Tobin, James R. Whitley)
Sponsored by the Massachusetts Center for the Book, this reading will feature three winners of the prestigious Massachusetts Book Award in Poetry—Henri Cole, Daniel Tobin, and James R. Whitley. Each poet will read from recent work. The panel will be moderated by January Gill O’Neil, poet and
Executive Director of the Massachusetts Poetry Festival.

Also, check out the list of presenters.


So happy for Sharon Olds! Have you seen Vogue? I must check out the print version also. I have Stag's Leap on preorder at Amazon. Very cool. She looks amazing.


And really happy Olie has been posting poems this month.


Martha Silano said…
That sounds like it might be enough kisses, though maybe not!

Congrats on getting yourself on two panels, not an easy feat. I hope to see you in Boston!
January said…
Thanks Martha! Yes, hope to see you in Beantown. :)
rdyIt's been a challenge, m'dear, but I'm glad I'm attempting it.
Mari said…
Yes, Sharon looks radiant in that photograph. I'm very happy for her new life. To think we were her students 16+ years ago...!

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