Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013 Mass Poetry Festival Schedule is live!

Finally, the much-anticipated Mass Poetry Festival schedule is live! Nearly 100 readings, workshops, sessions, visual arts and music, etc ... too many to list.

To our surprise, the workshops are filling up. So register now. Make those travel reservations. There is no good reason for you not to come to this festival. None.


I have spent the better part of this week working with a team of mostly volunteers making site fixes. This is ongoing.


As I take a break from the Crowdvine site to write this post, I have eight or nine kids (I've lost count) swirling around as I type. Right now they are speaking in some made-up alien language. Good times.


Tonight for dinner I served the kids Papa Gino's Mac and Cheese pizza. Yes, that's right, Mac and Cheese pizza. I'm not proud of myself. Maybe that accounts for the kids speaking in tongues.


National Poetry Month is just around the corner. Do you know where your poems are?

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