Confession Tuesday

It's Confession Tuesday, the AWP Edition. You know the drill.

I am over-the-moon excited about AWP coming to town. For once, I don't have to travel. And because I'm staying in the city for the entire conference, it will feel like a mini-vacation.

Because AWP is happening so close to home, I'm actually working harder and feel somewhat obligated to attend events than I would like to be. This may be the only downside. Again, don't get me wrong. AWP in Boston is long overdue. I will soak it up.


I started shopping and packing for AWP two weeks ago--and I'm local. Thank goodness I don't have to check a bag on a flight, because the number of outfits I'm bringing has grown accordingly. So happy to be able to fill up my car with books and freebies and not have to worry about a weight limit.

The only weight limit I have to worry about is me at the breakfast buffet.

(Oh no, she didn't! Oh, yes she did.)


I have more Facebook AWP invites for parties, readings, book signings, and off-site events than I can handle.

I'm all set.


Some people don't like the convention crowds, the schmoozing, the always being "on" quality that AWP has. I love it. I thrive in that atmosphere. Must be the only child in me rebelling against her nature. Beyond the sessions and the massive book fair, I enjoy catching up with poet-friends I only get to see at these large-scale events.


The weather looks iffy for those traveling. We may get a few inches of snow Wednesday night into Thursday. Once you're here you'll be fine, but tomorrow might be a tricky travel.

Be safe. I'll see you when you get here.


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