Confession Tuesday

I confess I forgot to post on Tuesday! Usually I jot down a a few ideas on Monday but not this time. Clearly, I am still feeling the after effects of AWP and Daylight Savings Time.

SSU is on spring break this week, thank goodness. So that has allowed me to put my energy this week into the Massachusetts Poetry Festival. The online schedule will go live soon, while the program goes into design. We're in good shape with the festival, particularly with the marketing since many of the materials were ready for AWP.


Still basking in the glow of AWP. Will post a few iPhone photos tomorrow.


Yesterday I went to the Salem Athenaeum to write with a group of friends. Can't remember the last time I paid attention to my own work. It felt good to just focus on myself for a few hours. The kids will be with their dad this weekend so I'm planning on doing a deep dive into my must-revise pile of poems.


I'm still mulling over what to do with my new poetry project, which will now be known as the Juno Project. And my mulling over, I mean frozen by the idea of writing anything in form. Probably the best AWP panel I attended (besides my own!) was Danielle Jones-Pruett's "Fining New Freedom in Old Forms." Her superstar panel included Jill McDonough, Maria Hummel, and Tyehimba Jess. They are doing amazing things with forms. Gives me hope that I can attempt something new.


I have two new poems coming out in the 2014 Paterson Literary Review. (Woo hoo!)


Poetry to-Do List

1. Get organized around new manuscript
2. Plot out the Juno Project (timeline?)
3. Write one poem
4. Write two op-ed pieces
5. Review covers and blurbs for second book

Gosh, I have a lot to do. Have a good rest of the week, folks.


jeremy said…
Turns out to be the best day of the week.


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