AWP Recap

Exhausted does not even come close to how I'm feeling today, two full days after AWP. My body aches. Seriously. But, it was an amazing conference. There were too many events, too many things going on at one time—and I LOVED it!

Despite a surprise snowstorm, word is that the conference brought 13,000 people to the Hynes Convention Center. With 500 events, 1,900 presenters, and 600 exhibitors, this was the largest showing at AWP yet. Mass Poetry shared a booth space with Salem State University and for our first time being a presence at the conference, things couldn't have gone better. It was also my first time presenting and hosting AWP panels—very cool!

I did my best to attend as many events, readings, and offsites as time would allow. But I had the most fun running into old friends and making new ones. Most of the time I was too busy to stop for more than a few minutes. Running panels and trying to promote Mass Poetry left little time for proper socializing. Yet, I did my best to make up for the lack of day socializing by getting to as many evening parties and off-sites as possible. And the book fair—it’s just too massive for me to possibly get around to every table. But I tried. I love picking up new books and finding out what's going on in the writing community.

Below are a few pictures. Enjoy!

J.D. Scrimgeour

Wes Rothman, Jennifer Jean, and J.D. Scrimgeour

Building Communities Panel

Michael Ansara, Colleen Michaels, Cindy Lappetito, Jennifer Jean

Ploughshares Panel

Kundiman Panel

Cave Canem reading at Simmons College

Cave Canem Fellows


Anonymous said…
Sorry I missed seeing you there! Glad you had a great time!

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