PAD Challenge

Happy Easter!

I have a few hours to myself before the kids return home, so I have been mentally preparing myself to start an April Poem-a-Day Challenge. Actually, I've been thinking about how I haven't written a poem is at least six weeks and how rusty I am. It's hard getting to that place where I feel open, even a little. Even with a little time to write, no poems yet.

I feel expectant with poetry, however. That's a good sign.

Robert Lee Brewer is hosting his annual April PAD Challenge. I like to visit the Poetic Asides blog  when I'm feeling stuck. I probably won't post my poems this time around but I'll keep count on my blog.

With the festival happening in a little over a month (Yikes!), the April challenge couldn't come at a better time. Amidst the festival craziness and end-of-semester grading, I'm trying to keep myself grounded with family, exercise, and poetry. And, my hope is that I will gain some traction with my Juno project.

While I haven't written any poems about Juno or slavery along coastal Massachusetts, every time I tell Juno's story to friends I feel as if I'm refining the story for myself. I just need to allow her voice to move through me. I expect to do most of my writing early morning, like 4:30 a.m.--before the day gets away from me. Let's see if that actually happens.

So, who's with me? Who's writing a poem a day in April?


Cindy Veach said…
Hey Jan - I'm PAD'ing with you and looking forward to the challenge! Cindy
January said…
Yahoo! We'll suffer together.

Happy Easter!
Megan said…
I'm there, too! Love your blog, btw. :)
January said…
Thanks! Almost done with poem #1.
Anonymous said…
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