Confession Tuesday


The weather is finally starting to abate. I see more pavement than snow on the sidewalks and driveways. The snow mounds are dirty brown and starting to melt. The birds are back, not just the wild turkeys, who have been hanging around all winter, but the sparrows, robins, and crows are back.

Spring is returning.

The temperature, for the most part, is up 10 degrees, and as we stretch deeper into March, Daylight Savings Time is just around the corner.


Granted, it still feels like winter, and I wouldn't be surprised if we got one more snowstorm before month's end. We've been known to get an April Snowstorm (Prince was right - sometimes it does snow in April). I'm choosing to be optimistic. 


This time of year I'm usually taking picture of whatever nature I can find. Today, it's a turkey. No crocuses pushing through the earth. Heck, I can't see the ground because there's still four feet of snow covering it. But like the turkey in the snow we are survivors.


Haven't been writing much, not because I'm busy, which is certainly true, but because I can't bear to write another snow poem. Seriously, I'm becoming a nature poet. I just don't recognize myself anymore.


I'm thinking of naming my next collection "The Secret Life of Turkeys." (Not really.)


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