Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday folks. It's Tuesday. Time for your confessions.


Here's a picture of Ella and me goofing off at our local community access channel BevCam. Our favorite storyteller and poet Tony Toledo asked The Improbable Colleen Michaels and me to do a guest spot on his new show Speak Up. When the link's available, I'll add it. 

Colleen and I took our kids so they could see the television studio. Taping two episodes back-to-back was harder than I thought, and the thought of me appearing on screen weirds me out. But it was fun and I was able to plug the Mass Poetry Fest, which is always good.

(I wore striped during the filming, which probably added 100 lbs to the camera.)


Speaking of the festival, I have officially entered the point in the spring where I feel tired and run down. Lots of moving parts between the festival, classes, meetings and home life. I'm exhausted. My hope is that because I recognize that I'm exhausted, I can be kinder on myself and those around me. 

*So I am setting an intention and sticking with it: I want to move through my day with grace and light.* That's the mantra for the rest of the day/week/month.

Taking the time to write this means I am slowing down and doing something for myself.


And--the best news--my son made it to his basketball playoff finals! His team won three games in four days. Outstanding! He's got a battle this weekend with two games on Saturday, so he and his team will take it day by day. Rock on, Alex! Go Celtics!


I'm still diligently working on m'scrip. The work continues. I also feel an April Poem-a-Day challenge coming on--like a fever! 

I have not submitted poems anywhere in four months. I need to get on that soon. Just too much to do. 


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