Confession Tuesday

Finally, dear reader, the weather has turned for the better. And while the kids and I are adjusting to setting our clocks ahead, we’re finally enjoying a little melt in our lives.

Collectively, the mood in New England is starting to lift. I can hear it in conversations with friends and colleagues. Even my students smile a little more; although, I think they’re smiling because of spring break next week.  So. Am. I.


I know spring is coming because lots of good things are happening around me. I really can't talk about any of them (I know, such a tease), but if they pan out I will be one happy girl. And there's a range, from upcoming readings to a really big deal thing that if I go into it I'll jinx myself. But once I confess, you'll understand why I kept it a secret. I'll know in  a couple of days.


Have you heard about Kickstand? It's an online poetry book club/discussion group. Misery Islands is up this month.

Also, here's an interview with Doug Holder about this year's Mass Poetry Festival. Thanks, Doug for letting me talk about our weekend extravaganza!


Last week, I went on a date! It's my first date in a very long time, and while it looks likes it won't have a second date with this person, it was kinda fun to be out again. Made me wonder about finding the next date. Guess this means I'm back in the dating pool.


Because I've never completely understood why we still have Daylight Saving Time, I leave you with this from John Oliver.


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