Virginia Festival of the Book 2015

It's been so long since I've been to a festival as a reader that I almost forgot how much I enjoy it. Despite the awful travel--snowy night in Boston, being rerouted from Charlottesville to Richmond (thanks, Delta!), and driving 75 miles to the festival--I had a terrific time. Heck, it was 60 degrees with no snow on the ground. The weather was worth the travel alone.

Here are a few pictures from Virginia Festival of the Book.

Misery Islands!

I didn't take any pictures at my reading with Dan Albergotti and David Roderick, but I did take a few of the reading with Patrick Phillips, Mary-Sherman Willis, and Katherine Young.

My iPhone doesn't seem to be taking good pics lately, but here's a group shot of Laura-Gray Street, Hermine Pinson, Dan Albergotti, me, David Roderick, Sandra Beasley, and Patrick Phillips. Shout out to Kevin McFadden (not pictured) for all the hard work he does for poetry and this festival.  


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