Almost Famous

This is a pic of my new Scrabble ring, next to my favorite bracelet. It's reads "Almost Famous." The bracelet I found at my favorite gifty-gift store. And even though it has a crack it in (which I tried to fix with wood glue--don't ask), I will never part with it. The ring the perfect. 

Thanks, Suzie!


The first week back to school was a bit rough. I went in to prep for the upcoming week last Saturday and found that my office door lock was changed. We've had a series of office moves this summer and door locks were changed to my surprise. I wasn't scheduled to move. Anyhoo, between that and just the craziness of starting new classes--and having my kids start school again--I barely slept this week. 

Today there are play dates (or "hang outs"--the preferred term among fifth graders) and and a sleepover. So I have declared Sunday as the day of rest in the O'Neil household. 


We had a good Mass Poetry Festival meeting this week. Lots of behind-the-scenes work to do. And many, many surprised to reveal later this month. 


All this to say that I'm trying to give myself a wide berth as I adjust to the schedule. I've been obsessed with the idea of balance, so much so I'm sure I need to write a separate post on it. 

For now, I have to get out of my bathrobe and into shorts so I can mow the lawn. It's supposed to be 90 degrees but rainy later. Ugh.   


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